Glenelg Shire Council countback

A vacancy has occurred on Glenelg Shire Council due to the resignation of Councillor Jayden M. Smith on Wednesday 18 October.

The vacancy will be filled through a countback of all the votes from the last general election held in October 2020. It will include all remaining eligible candidates who were not elected at the general election.

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Countback details

A countback to fill the vacancy was held at 10 am on Monday 27 November.

However, the successful candidate did not return the completed declaration stating they are still qualified to be a councillor within the required 48 hours. 

A further countback will be held online at 11 am on Wednesday 29 November.

If the successful candidate does not return the completed declaration within the required 48 hours, an additional further countback will be required.

Countback results will be available on this page once a declaration has been received.