How-to-vote card guidelines

A how-to-vote card is a printed guide prepared by a party, group, independent candidate, or others, that shows how they want you to fill out your ballot paper. They are sometimes referred to by the acronym 'HTVC'.

A single how-to-vote card has voting instructions for one district or one region only. Anyone can register a single how-to-vote card, including:

  • independent candidates
  • registered political parties
  • registered Upper House groups
  • community groups
  • businesses
  • trade unions
  • members of the public.

A how-to-vote card must be registered with us and be properly authorised if it is:

  • handed out within 400 metres of a voting centre on election day
  • distributed by our mobile voting teams.

A how-to-vote card doesn't have to be registered with us, but must be still properly authorised if it is:

  • handed out more than 400 metres from a voting centre on election day
  • handed out at an early voting centre.

There are penalties for how-to-vote cards that are incorrectly authorised.

You can find comprehensive instructions for registering a how-to-vote card in the candidate handbook. Registrations are only allowed within specific registration windows during an election.

How-to-vote card archive

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