You can campaign at any time, even before the official start of a State or local council election period.

When campaigning, consider the following:

Voting centre signage limits

There is a limit on the size and number of signs that candidates and parties can display within 100 metres of the designated entrance to a voting centre.

Size limit

Signs must not be bigger than 600 mm x 900 mm.

Quantity limits

Independent candidates can have no more than 2 signs.

Registered political parties can have up to:

  • 2 signs for your endorsed district candidate
  • 2 signs in total between all endorsed region candidates
  • 2 signs for your party.

Regulating signs

You are prohibited from displaying a mobile billboard within 100 metres of the designated entrance to a voting centre or early voting centre.

An election manager or election official can remove a notice or sign that doesn’t comply with the requirements, but first they will attempt to contact you and ask you to remove it.

We cannot regulate the number, location or size of signs that are not within 100 metres of a voting centre. You can check with:

More information

For more information about your responsibilities you can: