Why work with us

We believe in giving our people an environment where they can realise their career potential and make a positive contribution to the Victorian community.


  • provide an enjoyable and safe place to work
  • develop and reward excellence
  • help people achieve the key objectives of their roles
  • believe that balancing work, personal and family time is important.

Our recruitment vision

  • Meaningful work
    • Everyone is connected to democracy.
    • We have the right people in the right roles.
    • We aim to ensure our processes are enabling. 
  • Responsive leadership
    • We know how we are performing every day.
    • Our leaders are coaches.
    • Developing people is in our DNA.
  • Positive work environment
    • We recognise and celebrate our diverse achievements.
    • Everyone is welcome and safe here. 
    • We can do our jobs in many ways for many reasons. 
  • Growth opportunities
    • We have the training and support we need to be the very best. 
    • Individual aspirations are nurtured and encouraged. 
    • We have access to amazing working opportunities.
  • Trusted leadership
    • We are clear how our roles connect to our strategic goals. 
    • We value transparent and honest communication. 
    • We are inspired to do a great job every day. 
  • Terms of employment

    We adopt the terms and conditions of non-executive employees as described in the Victorian Public Service enterprise agreement 2020.

    We are committed to the values and principles of Victorian public service:

    • independence
    • accountability
    • innovation
    • respect
    • collaboration.

    Code of conduct

    We are committed to the public sector values and principles in the Code of conduct for Victorian public sector employees of special bodies

    Flexible working arrangements

    Our people can access a range of agreed flexible working options, which include:

    • flexible working hours
    • make up time
    • working from home
    • job sharing
    • parental leave at half pay.


    We want our workforce to reflect the diversity of the Victorian community. That’s why we encourage applications from:

    • people with disability
    • people from diverse cultural, language and faith backgrounds
    • Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.

    Safety and wellbeing

    We are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that is safe for employees, clients, contractors and visitors.

    This also extends to ensuring that our work does not place the Victorian community at risk of injury, illness, disease or any form of property damage. 

    Child safety

    We are committed to the health and wellbeing of children and young people. Read more about our Child safety commitments.