Internal reviews and special circumstances

If you receive an Infringement or Penalty reminder notice, you may request to have it reviewed.

An internal review is carried out by a person not involved in the decision to issue you with the notice.

You can only apply for one internal review per infringement.

When can I apply for an internal review?

You may apply for an internal review if you:

* If you are applying for a review on the grounds that you were unaware, you must do so within 14 days of becoming aware of the notice.

Internal reviews are only available for fines that have not been referred to Fines Victoria. For more information visit the Fines Victoria website.

How to apply for an internal review

An application for review:

  • must be in writing
  • must state the grounds on which the decision should be reviewed
  • must provide your infringement number, current address details and contact number
  • may only be made once per offence.

You may authorise someone to make the application on your behalf.

You must explain why you think the decision should be reconsidered based on one of the grounds listed above. You may include any supporting documentation with your application.

You are encouraged to seek legal assistance before completing your application. Find out who can help.

Make an application

Download an Application for internal review form (PDF, 738kB)

Complete and deliver your application:

  • by email 
  • by post using the reply-paid number shown on your notice.

Outcome of an internal review

After an internal review, we may:

  • withdraw the notice and take no further action against you
  • withdraw the notice and issue an official warning
  • refer the infringement to the Magistrates' Court
  • waive penalty reminder fees
  • confirm the decision to issue you with an infringement notice.

If we confirm our decision, you can:

  • pay the fine (Infringement notice or penalty reminder notice)
  • apply for a payment plan
  • elect to go to court.

Special circumstances

You may be able to have your fine withdrawn or cancelled if you had special circumstances that, at the time you were issued with the fine, meant you:

  • didn't understand your behaviour was against the law (see 1-3 below)
  • couldn't control your behaviour even if you knew it was against the law (see 1-5 below).

Special circumstances include:

  1. intellectual disability
  2. mental illness or disorder
  3. a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol
  4. homelessness
  5. family violence.

How to apply for a review based on special circumstances

To apply for a review based on special circumstances, you will need to provide a statement from a qualified practitioner or agency confirming:

  • your condition or circumstance
  • how it caused you to commit the offence.

What the application for review should include

Your statement should be less than 12 months old. We may accept a statement older than 12 months if you have a lifetime condition (e.g. an intellectual disability).

Your statement should include:

  • the practitioner's or case worker's qualifications and their relationship with you
  • the nature, severity and duration of your condition or circumstance
  • how your condition affected your inability to understand or control your conduct leading to the offence.

It would also be helpful if the statement included any treatment you have undertaken or are currently undertaking.

Exceptional circumstances

You may also make an application on the basis of 'exceptional circumstances'. You may make this type of application on any basis, but you will have to explain your circumstances and provide some evidence to back up your case.

Who can help?

If you need legal assistance, you can contact any of the following organisations: