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Photo of education session participant holding up a 'yes' cardWe deliver free online voter education sessions about elections to communities including:

  • people with disabilities (especially people with intellectual disabilities)
  • people experiencing homelessness
  • people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • young people from all communities.

Our sessions are delivered by people who have a lived experience or are part of these communities.

Voter education sessions can be delivered in some community languages and we can provide interpreters.

What is covered in our sessions

We can deliver free online education sessions to your community to help people learn about:

  • who can vote
  • how to enrol to vote
  • how to vote correctly
  • where to get help to vote.

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Democracy ambassadors

Democracy Ambassadors help their communities to be heard at elections.
Video transcript

The Democracy Ambassador program is about social inclusion. People having a say at the election.

My job is to educate the community about how to vote correctly.

As a democracy ambassador I also work with disability groups, homeless groups and Aboriginal groups as well.

Before the election I want all the community leaders to be more active in the community and help them learn how to vote so the community voices can be heard.

In the information session I teach community about how to enrol, the three levels of government and how to vote correctly.

After the session I realised my community needs more people like me to come and speak to them.

You should book an information session with a Democracy Ambassador because it will help you to learn in a better way in your own language.

Democracy means to me: freedom.