Borough of Queenscliffe Council

Borough of Queenscliffe Council is unsubdivided, with 5 councillors.

Council countback

An extraordinary vacancy has occurred in the Borough of Queenscliffe Council due to the resignation of Councillor Fleur Hewitt on Thursday 18 May.

A countback will be held at 1 pm on Monday 19 June.

Countback details

Current councillors


GRIGAU, Donnie

GROUT, Michael

TOLHURST, Isabelle (countback results)

HEWITT, Fleur (position vacant - countback details)


12 April 2022 countback results

2020 election results

2 December 2019 countback results

21 November 2016 countback results 

2016 election results

1 February 2016 countback results

23 November 2015 countback results

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Council reviews

Representation review

The electoral structure of Borough of Queenscliffe Council was last reviewed in 2019. While the electoral structure matches our recommendation, the structure was determined in accordance with the new Local Government Act 2020 in April 2020.

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