Registered workers

This information is for people who have already registered to work at elections.  

Election staff self-service portal 

The election staff self-service portal contains your registration information, including job offers and pay details. You can update your contact and banking details on the portal. You can also let us know if you are no longer interested in working at elections. 

You can access the portal on all desktop and mobile devices. You cannot access the portal outside of Australia.

Election staff self-service portal login

User ID: your user ID is the email address you registered with.

Forgot your password? Click on 'forgot password' to get a link to reset your password. This email can take up to 30 minutes to arrive. Remember to check your junk folder. If you have not received an email after 30 minutes please contact the personnel helpline.


Phone: 1300 783 043 (9 am - 5 pm weekdays)

Job offers

You must meet all the eligibility requirements to receive a job offer. To be eligible you must be:

  • an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or hold a current work visa
  • 18 or older.

If you are successful we will send you a job offer by email. You can accept or decline the offer in the election staff self-service portal. Log in and follow the prompts to finalise your offer.

We send job offers at any time in the weeks leading up to election day, or in the counting period after election day.

Read duty statements for all available roles.

If you have worked in previous elections

You do not need to register again if you have worked at a previous election.

Working at past elections does not guarantee we will offer you a role in the future. Roles are offered based on the staffing needs of the area.

Disclosure of political activities

Having staff who are politically neutral is critical to our impartiality. We will ask you to complete a disclosure of political activities before we appoint you to a role. We are lawfully authorised to refuse employment to a person because of any political membership or activity.

Election staff pay rates

  • Election official pay rates
    Election official role 2022 State election package rate Local Govt and by-election package rate
    Assistant voting centre manager $874 $896
    Count support officer (part day pm) $159 $163
    Declaration issuing officer $628 $644
    Election liaison officer $1054 $1081
    Election official (Ordinary issuing officer ) $568 $582
    Pack-up officer $255 $262
    Voting centre manager L1 $998 $1024
    Voting centre manager L2 $1034 $1061
    Voting centre manager L3 $1070 $1097
    Voting centre manager L4 $1105 $1134

    These rates apply from 1 December 2023.

  • Election casual pay rates
    Election casual role Base hourly rate Rate including 25% loading 1.5 x base rate 2 x base rate
    Assistant early voting manager $30.99 $38.74 $46.49 $61.98
    Computer count team leader $32.74 $40.92 $49.11 $65.47
    Counting officer $27.23 $34.04 $40.85 $54.46
    Counting team leader $32.74 $40.92 $49.11 $65.47
    Data entry operator $30.99 $38.74 $46.49 $61.98
    Early voting centre manager $30.99 $38.74 $46.49 $61.98
    Early voting centre officer $26.16 $32.70 $39.24 $52.32
    Election casual consultant L1 $27.23 $34.04 $40.85 $54.46
    Election casual consultant L2 $31.57 $39.47 $47.36 $63.15
    Mobile voting officer $26.16 $32.70 $39.24 $52.32
    Mobile voting manager $28.66 $35.83 $43.00 $57.33
    Office assistant L1 $27.23 $34.04 $40.85 $54.46
    Office assistant L2 $30.99 $38.74 $46.49 $61.98
    Office assistant L3 $32.74 $40.92 $49.11 $65.47
    Team leader special projects $32.74 $40.92 $49.11 $65.47

    These rates apply from 8 June 2024.

  • Pay periods

    We pay wages fortnightly. The pay period closes on the second Friday of the fortnight. You will receive your pay on the following Wednesday or Thursday.

    We will send you an email when your payslip is ready. You can log in to the election staff self-service portal to view and download your payslip.

    Need help?

    You can find more information in the Employment guide for election casuals and officials (PDF, 553 KB). Please contact our personnel helpline if you have a question that is not answered in these documents.

    Phone: 1300 783 043 9 am - 5 pm weekdays