Working with multicultural communities in Mildura

Participants allocating their preferences at an active citizenship workshop with the Sunraysia Ethnic Community Council

In early October we spent 2 days doing voter outreach in Mildura. Known for its farming and horticulture, Mildura attracts a diverse workforce from multicultural communities. We collaborated with the Sunraysia Ethnic Community Council and the Mildura Rural City Council to deliver 2 active citizenship workshops for their local multicultural community members.

The interactive workshops aimed to enhance understanding of active citizenship and our democracy. The workshops were attended by participants from various multicultural backgrounds, including Thai. Our staff member Asvin was able to conduct the workshop in both English and Thai.

Workshops participants used images and words from newspapers and magazines to construct a concept of democracy. They also learned how to complete ballot papers correctly and allocate their voting preferences to determine a winning candidate. This provided participants with firsthand experience of how voting preferences impact election results, and an understanding of the preferential voting system in Australia.

We also had the privilege of attending a Sunraysia Settlement Network meeting where local multicultural communities raised issues and discussed how service providers could meet their needs. We presented on the 2024 local council elections. A key takeaway for the network is that non-Australian citizens who pay council rates for their property or business can enrol with their council to vote in local council elections.

Young people from multicultural communities at Mildura Senior College's English Language Centre also participated in an electoral education session. Students learned about enrolment, the voting age and how the 3 levels of government work.

We are so grateful to the organisations from across Victoria that welcome us, and we look forward to more opportunities to work together as we approach the 2024 local council elections.

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