Our support at the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Council Elections

Two people smiling and posing for the camera. They are wearing a 'Treaty for Victoria' shirt and another shirt with a gum tree design.

On Wednesday 15 November 2023 our electoral inclusion officers Jeremy and Kura (and 2 election officials) assisted with the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Council elections. Kura reflected on the experience and provided the following summary.

"The locals hesitated to come inside with the number of officials present but Jeremy and I assisted by encouraging them to enter the building. When Jeremy gave an Acknowledgement to Country (coming from one Indigenous person to another), it brought calm to the room and the voting commenced."

"There was silence while the votes were counted, but Jeremy took the floor again and announced we would sing a song in Māori. All I kept thinking was 'I hope it's one we both know'. Thank goodness it was 'Tutira Mai Nga Iwi', which was fitting as it speaks about coming together as one with a common purpose to achieve."

"Our song was well received, with them asking for more! Luckily, we were saved by an announcement that the results were ready. New Council took the bench and we left with a better energy in the room than when we arrived. We are always mindful of the struggles the Lake Tyers indigenous peoples face every day."

"Jeremy left with one less Storm polo shirt too, but we were well fed, and the locals want us to return."

"Community outreach is so important – without building relationships first there is no trust."