Results from the 2023 YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament

A group photo of all our sponsored teams, with VEC Democracy Ambassadors Winta and Vinh.

Each year, 120 diverse young people gather from across Victoria to debate issues that matter to them and their communities. The VEC sponsored 6 teams to present bills at the 3-day Youth Parliament event held in June.

Our sponsored teams and the bills they presented were:

  • Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI), Indigenous Youth Job Hubs
  • Pasefika Navigators, Cultural Education in Schools and Communities
  • Mildura Rural City Council, Increased Environmentally Sustainable Strategies
  • Wellington Shire Council, Bullying Intervention and Prevention in School
  • Daylesford College, Lowering the Voting Age
  • Orbost Secondary College, Introduction of ‘work from home days’ for VCE students in rural Victoria (bill did not pass).

The teams’ hard work, commitment, and diligence paid off. Five of our 6 sponsored teams successfully passed their bills. They have now been handed to the Minister for Youth to pass on to ministers of the relevant portfolios for their consideration.

A special congratulations to Alexandra Madu of the KGI team, who was elected to deputy chamber leader and Dimithri Wickramaratne of the Pasefika Navigators team, who was elected chamber leader.

We would like to acknowledge the Youth Governor, Miora Trainor, and Youth Premier, Krushnadevsinh (Kano) Ravalji, for their leadership and contributions. We wish next year’s Youth Governor, Kaitlin Woolford, the best of luck for her time in the role.

Finally, we would like to recognise the leadership and collaboration of the outgoing Youth Parliament Program Director, Tessa Buchanan, and YMCA Youth Leadership & Development Manager Michael Delaney, for making our partnership so enjoyable and effective. We look forward to working with next year’s Youth Parliament Program Director, Georgia Cutajar, to help write the next chapter in the legacy of this enduring, impactful and popular youth voice event.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the 2024 event, visit the YMCA Vic Youth website for more information.