CALD program activity

Democracy ambassador Vinh at the Hume refuge week event.Over the past few months, the VEC has attended various culturally and linguistically diverse events. To recognise the importance of Refugee Week, we sponsored the Victorian Multicultural Commission's Refugee Awards. We congratulate all worthy award recipients.

Our democracy ambassadors attended an event organised by the City of Hume. The event was hosted by local young people from multicultural communities and celebrated their residents' cultural diversity and their contribution to Australia. At the event, we provided information on how to respond to a fine.

We were also invited to the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) 75th Anniversary Celebration at the Melbourne Immigration Museum. We congratulate AMEP and thank them for the invaluable services they provide.

At the Casey-Cardinia Rotaract Level-up Expo 2023, our democracy ambassador provided information on how to respond to a fine. Looking ahead to the 2024 local council elections, we also encouraged people to enrol or keep their enrolment up to date.

In addition to community outreach, we delivered an active citizenship workshop to community leaders. In June, we collaborated with the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council to deliver a workshop to their residents.

During the workshop, the participants learnt about the principles of democracy in Australia, how the 3 levels of the government and preferential voting work, how to complete ballot papers correctly, and how their voting preferences impact election results.

We thank our stakeholders for their continuing support. We look forward to collaborating with you into the future.

If you want us to attend your event, please complete an online booking form.

If want to book an active citizenship workshop, please email our Education and Inclusion team.