Meet Democracy Ambassador Winta

Winta, a Democracy AmbassadorHi, my name is Winta, I come from an Eritrean background. In 2018, I was at university and I was involved with the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) doing leadership training.

During the training I came across the VEC and learned about democracy, how elections work in Australia, and about the role of Democracy Ambassadors. I became interested in working for the VEC and applied to become a Democracy Ambassador.

I started working as a Democracy Ambassador in 2018 after completing training. My role involves reaching out to different communities to teach them about voting and their voting rights and responsibilities.

Since 2018 I have worked at both State and local council elections. I have learned what it means to be impartial, the 3 levels of government in Australia and the difference between Upper and Lower House during State elections.

During COVID-19, we started reaching out to communities online by making videos to teach the process of elections and voting. I did a video in Amharic and this year am doing videos in Swahili and Amharic too. It has been released alongside videos in over 20 other languages.

I enjoy working with the VEC as a Democracy Ambassador. I have had the opportunity to visit many places to deliver outreach sessions and attend a variety of community events to create awareness of the VEC and democracy.

Being a Democracy Ambassador gives me the chance to meet people from different communities across Victoria, some of whom have never voted before. I enjoy educating communities about elections and how each person can play a role and exercise their rights.

This year I became an Australian citizen! I am looking forward to voting and it will be my first time doing so... I am so excited to practice what I have been teaching communities.


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