Warrandyte District by-election


Warrandyte District by-election

The results for the Warrandyte District by-election have been officially declared.

Official results
Close up photo of election official counting upper house ballot papers

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  • Didn’t vote?

    If you were required to vote in this by-election and it appears you did not, you may receive an ‘Apparent failure to vote’ notice in the coming months. If you get this notice, please make sure you respond to it, as failing to respond could result in a fine.

    More information about fines and reviews.

  • Interstate or overseas?

    If you were interstate or overseas during this by-election and couldn’t vote, you should let us know. Go to Check my enrolment, enter your details and complete the ‘Away from Victoria’ form.

    Check my enrolment

    If you applied for a postal vote from interstate or overseas, for your vote to count, your completed postal vote must arrive back to us by Friday 1 September.

    If you have moved interstate, update your details with the Australian Electoral Commission. They will notify us that you have moved.

  • How-to-vote cards

    A how-to-vote card shows how someone wants you to fill out your ballot paper. They are a suggestion only. You don’t have to follow them, who you vote for is up to you.

    All how-to-vote cards handed out on election day (Saturday 26 August) within 400 metres of a voting centre or distributed by our mobile voting team must be registered with us.

    It is not necessary to register how-to-vote cards handed out during the early voting period, but they must be properly authorised.

    How-to-vote card registrations closed at 12 noon on Friday 18 August. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

    Find how-to-vote cards

  • Rules for political donations

    There are strict laws that regulate political donations in Victoria, including:

    • who can make a political donation
    • the maximum value of political donations
    • disclosure of political donations made and received
    • foreign donations are banned.

    If you give or receive a political donation of $1,170 or more, you must report it through VEC Disclosures.

    You cannot donate more than $4,670 to any one recipient within 4 years.

    A record of all political donations is publicly accessible on VEC Disclosures.

    Learn more about political donations.