Public hearings

Attending a public hearing

The public hearing is an online event and anyone interested in the reviews may attend.

Speaking at a public hearing

To speak at a public hearing, you or your organisation must have:

  • made a response submission
  • asked to speak or been asked to speak by the panel.

You will be contacted to organise your attendance at the public hearing.

On the day of the hearing, you will have 10 minutes to speak.

Who you will speak to

At least 2 members of the panel will listen to and ask questions of each speaker at the public hearing. The list of panel members will be provided to those scheduled to speak.

Questions from the panel

The panel will usually ask questions to clarify parts of your written submission or seek your views on other matters to do with the review. The panel will often ask speakers about evidence or opinions provided by other submitters.

Addressing the panel members

You may call the chairperson of the panel ‘Chair’. You may address the other panel members as ‘Mr/Ms [Surname]’.

Providing further documentation

You cannot provide further documentation at the hearing.

The panel can only accept written submissions during the submission period and hear those who have been scheduled to speak at a public hearing.

If you cannot attend online

The panel may agree to you speaking at the public hearing by teleconference. Please call 131 832 email to ask about this option.

If you require an interpreter

Please call 131 832 or email to arrange an interpreter.